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There are five major components to this site:

1. Laurie Riley’s online store (her books, CDs and DVDs) for musicians  –  see the link at the top of the home page.

2. Smart Stand and Smart Cart page  – best playing stand and rolling cart for small harps!

3. Laurie’s blog for musicians*  –  see home page

4. Info about Laurie’s career in music performance and teaching (see “Who is Laurie Riley”)

5. Other pages such as testimonials and how to contact Laurie

*The blog is for acoustic musicians at all skill levels. I’ll be posting information on a wide variety of music-related topics: performance, business, teaching, playing skills, music theory, ergonomics, and so on. I welcome your questions and suggestions for subjects. Some subjects are covered in a series of posts. That doesn’t mean the entire blogsite is always about that one subject. Scroll down the home page to see all the posts. If you like this blog, please click on “FOLLOW” to get notifications whenever a new post is up.

This blog does not address electric or electronic music. Acoustic music is made without amplification. The many styles of acoustic music can include traditional ethnic music from any country, folk music, classical music, Celtic, jazz, blues, old time, bluegrass, and much more.

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