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  1. I am an Occupational therapist and harpist interested in your ergonomics training. Have you ever taught a course for therapists?

    • There have been numerous therapists in my classes over the years, but I would really enjoy doing a class specifically for therapists! Let’s communicate about that.

  2. Hello…. I would like to attend the concert tonight. How do I make a reservation? There would be two persons coming. Thank you

    • pLEASE CALL ME 360-840-5264 BEFORE 7 pm

  3. Hi how do I make reservations for tonight’s concert. Heard you all on KPTZ this afternoon and would love attend the concert…two attendees.

    • Please call me 360-840-5264 before 7 PM

  4. Greetings Laurie… I am interested in your findings about harp case makers. My husband has made several harps and now is looking for cases and out sewing ability is pretty limited. Thanks!

    • So far it looks like Coon Hollow Canvas and Four Seasons Harp Covers are well recommended and responsive to inquiries.

  5. Hello Laurie,

    Do you do private lessons online? I’ve been playing for about 15 years. I work for Bedside Harp. I’ve struggled with chronic tennis elbow off and on for years, and am considering learning to play with my nails, to prolong my career. I live in New Jersey. Your playing is so beautiful and effortless! I was thinking you could help me a great deal.

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Norine Stewart

    • Hi Norine,
      Yes, I can do some lessons with you by Skype. I can help you with your elbow issues and make sure you have a long career!
      Also, I will be at the Somerset Harp Festival in Parsippany NJ in July.
      Email me:

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