How to Contact Laurie


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  1. I am an Occupational therapist and harpist interested in your ergonomics training. Have you ever taught a course for therapists?

    • There have been numerous therapists in my classes over the years, but I would really enjoy doing a class specifically for therapists! Let’s communicate about that.

  2. Hello…. I would like to attend the concert tonight. How do I make a reservation? There would be two persons coming. Thank you

    • pLEASE CALL ME 360-840-5264 BEFORE 7 pm

  3. Hi how do I make reservations for tonight’s concert. Heard you all on KPTZ this afternoon and would love attend the concert…two attendees.

    • Please call me 360-840-5264 before 7 PM

  4. Greetings Laurie… I am interested in your findings about harp case makers. My husband has made several harps and now is looking for cases and out sewing ability is pretty limited. Thanks!

    • So far it looks like Coon Hollow Canvas and Four Seasons Harp Covers are well recommended and responsive to inquiries.

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