Fretted Instrument Workshops Available from Laurie Riley

Keep an eye on the schedule page for workshops coming up:

In your area, Laurie can offer the folowing workshops:

  • Preventing and Correcting Instrument-Related Discomfort and Injury: At some time every musician experiences physical discomfort related to playing their instrument. Whether mild or severe, pain and discomfort do not have to be part of your music experience. In this workshop you will learn to play pain-free for a lifetime (and the way to achieve this may not be what you expect)!
  • Techniques for Accurate and Expressive Playing: To play both accurately and expressively, one must go beyond basic technique and learn what the professionals know. These secrets are shared in an in-depth session.
  • Getting Up to Speed: Do your fingers really cooperate when you want to play faster tunes? If not, this class is for you. Learn to play fast tunes smoothly and easily. (It’s more than just practice; it’s knowing a few secrets!)
  • Music Structures: How music works! If you know how it’s structured, you can do anything with music.  This is a hands-on, exciting workshop.
  • Stage Skills: How to deport yourself like a professional on stage  –  an experiential workshop
  • Cleaning Up Your Act: Clean, accurate playing is the crowning touch of good performance. Learn how to achieve it!
  • Taking it to the Next Level: Play a tune (any skill level) and get professional consultation on how to make it better.
  • Beginning and intermediate Clawhammer Banjo
  • Double-thumbing on clawhammer banjo
  • Beginning and intermediate Folk Guitar 
  • Ergonomics Instructor Certification Trainings: Become a CME 
Please contact me ( to set up a workshop for your group  (or private lessons). 

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