Private Lessons and Consultations on Skype or Zoom

Skype and Zoom are great ways to have lessons with a seasoned professional! You can live anywhere, be anywhere, the weather can be whatever it is, and you can even be in your pajamas.  

Downloading and using Zoom or Skype is quick, easy and free.  I can help you.

Private Lessons with Laurie:  $40 per half hour, or $55 for 45 minutes

Other Consultations:  music skills, performance advice, stage skills, voice coaching, ergonomics, recording and production consultation  –  any aspect of musicianship  –  private sessions are available with Laurie on Skype.

Email Laurie at:  for details and pricing.



  1. Hi Laurie,

    I read your blog post about rhythm and I would like to consult with you on skype. I’m trying to learn how to Salsa dance and I think the first thing I need to do is develop a sense of rhythm. Can you help me?

    Thanks! Kevin

  2. Are your lessons on Skype more economical than in person? Please let me know. I’m considering taking lessons. Thanks!

    • I charge $20 for a half hour or $30 for 45 minutes. I invoice by PayPal.

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