Other Used Instruments and Accessories for Sale

To purchase or inquire about an item on this page, contact laurie@laurieriley.com


Rigel Mandolin

Image result for Rigel mandolin black

sells for$2700 new. I wil sell for $1700 with case and strap.



Finger Strenghtener

for guitarists and other fretted isntrumet players (NOT for harpists!)


Finger strenghtener for sale


Bowed Dulcimer with nylgut (fluorocarbon) or steel strings, bow included.

$900 plus shipping

contact owner directly: Judith Henry at  larryandjudithmarie@gmail.com



•  Barcus-Berry Pre-amp
model 4000-xl. Used once.
•  ”Trance Inducer” Pre-amp (That’s the brand and model name, not a description of its function!)
never used

Pre-amps for sale





  1. Laurie, I am interested in the Nic Hambas bowed dulcimer. Is it still available? Do you have any other models?

    Thank You,

    Judith Henry

    • Judith, please email me at laurie@laurieriley.com
      The Nick Hambas is a gorgeous bowed dulcimer. Sounds fabulous. I don’t have others – I had bought it for myself and then never had time to learn how to play it.

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