Used Instruments and Accessories for Sale

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Dusty Strings FH34 Harp

This beautiful harp was a prototype of the popular FH34, made in 1990. It has the most beauftiful tone  – sweet, bright, rich, and plenty of volume.  It has the sort of cosmetic imperfections one would expect for a harp that age but the tone is not affected by them, and there are structural problems. $2100 including case.




Third Hand Capo for guitar

with instructions.  Instantly creates any tuning. Easy on/off.

$20 plus shipping


Finger Strenghtener

for guitarists and other fretted isntrumet players (NOT for harpists!)


Finger strenghtener for sale


Bowed Dulcimer with nylgut strings, bow included. Brand new.

$1000 plus shipping



•  Barcus-Berry Pre-amp
model 4000-xl. Used once.
•  ”Trance Inducer” Pre-amp (That’s the brand and model name, not a description of its function!)
never used

Pre-amps for sale




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