E-mails and letters of appreciation from my workshops, lessons, books, performances and  blog:
(Some names are withheld to protect individuals’ privacy; others have given permission for their names to appear.)
“Here, friends, is a true master of the double strung folk harp!” – Cardinal Flower, on You Tube
“I have taken many, many workshops but hers was the best. She is an excellent instructor who  teaches to our strengths, and gently guides our weaknesses. She was flexible for the different levels of ability. She made sure everyone ‘got it’ before she went on, but the workshop never dragged. She has a nice presence in front of a class and is very gracious and always positive. It is obvious she loves what she does. I had so much fun, learned a lot, and the day flew by way too quickly!” 

– a student

“I am in the middle of reading Body Mind and Music and just wanted to thank you for writing this great book. While I enjoy performing, there was something missing. Thank you for your insight into the soul of the musician and how it effects the music. Thank you for confirming my belief that we need to support each other and that we have a gift that is worth sharing. I have always enjoyed your music. But your heart, your insight to life & music is a gift.” ~ Lynda Kuckenbrod, CCM

You have helped open so many doors for me, in so many ways; I’m very grateful.
– Harper Tasche, harpist and friend

“Laurie, your blog… answered several questions I’ve had, as well as several I should have thought to have!  I have long admired and enjoyed your music.  It was one of your cassettes that, in the early ’80s, sparked my interest in Celtic music in general and the folk harp in particular, and there is no way I can thank you profoundly enough for that. Since then Celtic music, and the sounds of the folk harp in particular, have been the beautifully supportive and soothing and stimulating and exciting leitmotif of much of my life, through the last years of my professional and academic career and a decade and a half of retirement. After reading your blogs today, it occurred to me that this note of thanks, as well as of respect, admiration, and profound regard, was long overdue.”
– an online friend
“I highly recommend Laurie’s book, “My Life In Music”, one of the most amazing books I have ever read….I had to slow down my reading because I didn’t want the book to end. Full of surprises, and I was laughing so hard so many times… I will just have to read it again…” Iris Nevins

“Incredibly meaningful day… strong connections were made… she is an exquisite presenter with incredibly substantial presentation.” – a student

“I want to thank you for all you have done, both through the founding of MHTP, and your own long career as a musician and teacher. Thank you, too, for the continual support you have given so generously to many of us who know and admire you. Many have benefitted personally and professionally from your life and work. I look forward to your future contributions and trust that you will keep us all informed of any new publications, CDs etc.” – Martha O’Hehir, The Music for Healing and Transition Program

“Your wisdom, insight, integrity, and talent… clearly had a profound impact on both the people you’ve worksed with and countless others.” – Lynelle Ediger-Kordzaia, harpist and conference organizer

“It was so kind of you to meet (with) us … very informative… the participants were very much impressed by your performance and talk.” – Shigeaki Hinohara, MD, Chairman of the Board, St. Luke International Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

Your music opened me… to a sense of incredible beauty and wonder.” – a fellow musician

“All the good parts of me as a harpist are the products of your positive approach to teaching… I cannot thank you enough for transforming my life.” – LaVon Jakobson, student

“In your book ‘Body, Mind and Music’ you articulate ideas that are so sensitive, professional and ethical… your pioneering efforts have inspired me so much, allowing me to pursue my passion… you have blazed a trail for those of us who are to follow, and I want to thank you for that. You have brought hope and possibility back into my playing.” – Lynne Davis, student

“We have been given so many wonderful opoportunities to share our music with others… thanks for empowering so may of us.” – Una Nakamura, Certified Music Practitioner

“Your new book … is a wonderful contribution to the field in its rich blend of scientific hought and personal experience. I am sure I speak for many of us in expressing my heartfelt gratitude.” – Roxenne Smith, Certified Music Practitioner

“Thank you for being the best teacher that I will ever have.” – Hannah Wahl, student

“I found your section on effective practicing well written. The book is extremely helpful with a great deal of common sense and wisdom put in one place.” – a student

“You were really good for me and you gave me permission to follow this dream, until I began to believe it myself. You taught me a lot in the short time we had together. I am very grateful that I had the chance to learn from you and get to know you.” – a student

“I love your book, Body, Mind and Music, as it speaks of the very things I have felt but didn’t know how to speak out about. Thank you for validating what I feel. I hope to give my teacher (who is also my friend) this book and maybe it will help her to be a better teacher. Keep up the wonderful work.” – a student

Comments on Therapeutic Music Skills workshops:
– I thought Laurie did an excellent job of including everyone, incorporating everyone’s ideas and giving us great information.
– Possibly my favorite workshop this year, lots of good specific information and nicely interactive.
– I learned some new things about this area that opened my eyes to the technique and some past experiences I had. Really am glad that you had this session for us.
– I loved this workshop. Not just for music therapy. Lots of good stuff.
– Best information I’ve gotten on improv. Will really help me.
– I thought Laurie’s workshop was wonderful. Her explanations were clear and precise, she was well-prepared and taught well ‘in the round’.
– She has a nice, easy sense of humor, is very encouraging and is excellent at demonstrating examples of what she is talking about. Her information on taking well-known tunes and turning them into appropriate therapy music was interesting and I loved the way she took the mystery out of improvision. She was the best prepared of all the presenters.