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This beautiful, sturdy playing stand for small harps (warranteed up to 13 lbs.) holds your harp conveniently and securely at a height that is right for you (it’s adjustable), at an easy-to play angle. You never have to tip it back or grasp it! Its unique design also acts as an extended soundboard, which can enhance the tone of your instrument, and you can even clip your electronic tuner onto it! The stand easily folds flat for transport. It is perfect for many types of small harps without feet, such as lap harps, therapy harps, and others that are too small to sit on the floor.

This ergonomically designed stand is made available by Laurie Riley, a pioneer in the field of ergonomics with over 30 years of helping harpists play pain-free. For more detail on how the stand works, see the bottom of this page.


Options available:

  1. Stand in walnut, cherry or maple, with your choice of overlay design, or plain: $325
  2. Package with a high-quality canvas carry case, your choice of wood (walnut, cherry, or maple) and your choice of overlay design or plain: $390
  3. Carry Case alone: handmade of high quality canvas with Velcro, a latch, and a shoulder strap.  $65


WA State Tax is required by law (9%) for sales within WA State.

Shipping and handling: see below






The Smart Stand is a high quality, handmade work of functional art and should be treated as carefully as you treat your harp.

All Smart Stands come with complete instructions and a warranty to the original owner for harps 13 lbs. and under.

Questions and ordering: E-mail For an online or printable order form, see below.

This is a unique patent-pending design. No copies may be made for personal or commercial purposes. Doing so violates patent laws and can lead to litigation.


From happy customers:

“I absolutely LOVE this stand. It is even better than the pictures. The cherry wood matches perfectly with my harp. The instructions were so clear. I appreciate how the adjustments allow the harp to be placed in the perfect position for playing, making it so much more than just a stand. My little harp has only one good-sized hole in the back, so the lowest position worked quite well. The pictures really don’t do this solidly built stand justice. I am just thrilled with it.”

“I got my harp stand. You are so right about it acting as a sound board. It really makes a difference. Thank for an awesome invention!” – Stacy Salles


                                            Smart Stand TM  and/or Case 

                                                        ORDER  FORM       

                         copy and paste into your email, or print and send to

                        Laurie RIley, PO Box 1748, Port Townsend WA 98368


Your name:________________________________________________________________________________

Postal Address: ___________________________________________________________________________



Phone number:___________________________________________

Where did you hear about the Smart Stand?___________________________________________


___  Basic Smart Stand in walnut, cherry or maple, with your choice of overlay design, or plain:  $325 plus tax and shipping

___ Smart Stand Package with a high-quality canvas carry case, your choice of wood (walnut, cherry, or maple) and your choice of overlay design or plain: $390 plus tax and shipping

___ I already have a Smart stand.  Canvas Carry Case alone  $65 plus tax and shipping


Please indicate first, second and third choices: (see below for wood types and overlay designs) 

Wood type:  __ cherry      __maple      __walnut

Overlay:   Please indicate first, second and third choices  –  these are handmade and availability depends on the artists.

__ fleur     __butterfly     __birds     __Celtic knot   __Treble Clef     __no design



Please add the applicable amounts together:

___ Stand $325

___ Case $65

Shipping, handling and insurance:

__ Western Coastal states $65

__Rocky Mt. and Midwest states $75

__Eastern states $85

__Other locations: shipping charge will be assessed when sent

Tax:  ___  WA State residents add 9%


TOTAL DUE: $______________________________ 



__ PayPal (preferred): an invoice will be sent to you at the email address you provide above.

__ Credit card: Please provide your card number, expiration date, CVV number and zip code.

__ Check: all checks MUST be in US funds. Please wait for info on shipping costs before sending a check. Then make your check to Laurie Riley, and mail it to Laurie RIley, PO Box 1748, Port Townsend WA 98368.

Orders are shipped by US Mail with Special Handling.


Questions? email




CherryImage result for wood sample photos


Image result for wood sample photos(color may appear different on computer screens  – this is a typical light blonde wood)



WalnutImage result for wood sample photos







Celtic Knot



The Smart Stand  is designed for harps up to a maximum of 13 pounds, with flat or staved back. If the sound hole is round it must be at least 2 inches in diameter. (If the hole is oval it will fit the knob no matter the measurement.) You can adjust the position and height of the reversible knob/clamp at the top of the stand: there are several levels of adjustment to set the right height for you. The knob goes in the front it you want quick and easy attachment/removal of the harp, or the clamp goes in the front so you can slip it through a sound hole and clamp your harp down tightly.

Never use the smart Stand to support the weight of your body. It is designed for instruments only.

Return policy: If your Smart Stand does not suit you for any reason, just return it in new condition, insured, for a refund. All you pay is shipping. Refunds are issued upon receipt of the undamaged stand. Returns of a defective stand must be arranged by email or phone with the vendor.

Questions? E-mail

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