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For workshops at the Center for Musical Enrichment, go to


For workshops during Laurie’s tours,  go to:




  • Performance Skills: a comprehensive, participatory and hands-on workshop including how to deal with amplification/sound systems, stage deportment, focus and relaxation, how to talk about your music on stage,  choosing your performance wardrobe,  what to do about mistakes, handling awkward moments, and much more!
  • Therapeutic Music subjects
    • Therapeutic Repertoire
    • How to Modify Your Repertoire for Medical Settings
    • Therapeutic Improvisation
    • Philosophies of Bedside Music
    • Playing the Therapy Harp  –  basic skills
    • CEUs are possible for graduates of training programs
  • Ergonomic Subjects:
    • Neck, Back and Shoulders Pain Free! Pain and discomfort do not have to be part of your music experience. In this workshop you will learn how to play pain-free for a lifetime (and the way to achieve this may not be what you expect)! 
    • Hands and Arms Pain Free! Pain and discomfort do not have to be part of your music experience. In this workshop you will learn how to play pain-free for a lifetime (and the way to achieve this may not be what you expect)! 
    • Ergonomics Instructor Certification Trainings: Become a CME  – please contact laurie.riley@live.com
  • General Harping Skills
    • Little Secrets No One Ever Tells You for Accurate and Expressive Playing: There ares o many things beyond just technique and accurate playing! To play both accurately and expressively, one must go beyond basic technique and learn what the professionals know. These secrets are shared in an in-depth session.
    • Getting Up to Speed: Do your fingers really cooperate when you want to play faster tunes? If not, this class is for you. Learn to play fast tunes smoothly and easily. (It’s more than just practice; it’s knowing a few secrets!)
    • Improvisation, Composition and Arranging: All about making the music your own, and gaining a little freedom from that printed page! Learn how to let your innate creativity flow into your music, tweak arrangements to suit yourself, and even make your own arrangements. Improvising and composing become easy too with this simple knowledge and method.
    • How to Modify Solo Arrangements for Ensemble Playing: Rather than having every player reading an arrangement in unison regardless of varying skill levels, there are easy ways for each individual to play it at their own level (simplifying OR enhancing) while blending with the whole group! No transposing, re-writing or re-printing necessary! Seems impossible? Not at all. By the end of this workshop your group will be playing together easily and beautifully.
    • Music Structures: How music works! If you know how it’s structured, you can do anything with music.  This is a hands-on, exciting workshop.
    • Master Class –  Refine your skills  –  bring a piece; learn to enhance it and play it better.
    • Reviewing the Basics  –  It’s a good idea to review once in a while, especially since there are always things you could have missed the first time around. WHy wouldn;t you know you’ve missed certain things? Because you, uh… missed them!
  • Double-Strung Harp Skills
    • Introduction to the Double Strung Harp for Beginners
    • Introduction to the Double Strung Harp for Intermediate and Advanced Harpers
  • And more… just inquire!

Contact Laurie at laurie@laurieriley.com to set up a workshop for your group, or private lessons.

NEWS FLASH! I will be on a concert and teaching tour in July – please go to https://laurierileymusic.com/lauries-concert-and-workshop-tour-schedule. See https://laurierileymusic.com/lauries-concert-and-workshop-tour-schedule

NEWS FLASH! I am pleased and humbled to announce that I wil be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival in July! This is an annual international gathering of harpers.  http://www.somersetharpfest.com/presenters4.html#riley

NEWS FLASH! After August 2017 I will be teaching in my new retreat center – The Center for Musical Excellence –  in Port Townsend, Washington. A schedule of my workshops, and house concerts by musicians in many genres, is at: https://laurierileymusic.com/laurie-rileys-center-for-musical-exellence-a-place-for-focused-retreat

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