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HArper's Manual Cover

The Harper’s Manual


Also available as a digital download – email

Subjects include:

  • A Brief History of the Harp
  • Types of Harps, Components and Equipment
  • Overviews of techniques, methods and styles
  • Buying a Harp
  • Care of the Harp
  • Traveling with Your Harp
  • Practicing
  • Effectively Embracing Your Harp – A Lesson in Ergonomics
  • All About Hands
  • Playing Challenges and Technique Modifications
  • Structures of Music
  • Presenting Yourself and Your Music
  • If You Want To Be A Harp Teacher…and much more!



Anatomy of the Lever Harp – A Guide for Harp Owners


Also available as a digital download – email

Contents: Parts of the Harp, The Soundboard (form and function), The Neck (form and function), The Pillar (form and function), Sound Holes (form and function), String Materials, String Ribs and String Shoes, Types of Wood and Other Materials, Types of Finishes, Types of Tuning Pins, Sharping Levers (types and uses), Regulation, Bridge Pins, Bases, Legs, Stools and Stands, Maintenance… and more!


Techniques for Expressive Playing book cover

Techniques for Expressive Playing


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Subjects include: Endorphins, Resonance, Intention, Tone Manipulation, Expressive Imagery, Expression Without Fear … and much more!
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“I highly recommend Laurie’s book, “My Life In Music”, one of the most amazing books I have ever read….I had to slow down my reading because I didn’t want the book to end. Full of surprises, and I was laughing so hard so many times… I will just have to read it again..”  Iris Nevins

A must-read for all musicians! This full-life story expresses the influences from childhood and early adulthood, through the challenges and joys of becoming a successful professional musician despite detours and uncertainties, and through the fulfilling career that has been Laurie’s lifelong passion.


Also available as a digital download – email


Celtic Music Book Cover

Celtic Music for the Folk Harp 

A soul-stirring collection of 28 Celtic tunes for intermediate players, arranged in authentic traditional style.



Wedding Music for the Lever Harp…with downloadable audio of the 23 tunes.

Included are processionals, recessionals, interludes, and tunes suitable for receptions. Several cultures and styles are represented: Celtic, Classical, Swedish, and Jewish. All tunes are in the public domain.



BMM best cover

Body, Mind and Music


Also available as a digital download – email

“I just finished your book, Body, Mind and Music. Laurie, this book should be a required reading for every music education student and every therapy music program candidate. You wrote an amazing book. “ — Melanie Sandrock, therapeutic music student

Music effects the body/mind, and the body/mind of the player affects the playing of music. Laurie discusses our cultural relationship with music, how the brain learns it, how we practice it, how we perform it, how we listen to it, how we teach it, and  how it is used in therapeutic ways. This complete guide for all musicians includes:

Music and the Brain: Music is a Language; Practice As Passion; Aural, Kinesthetic and Visual Learning; Focus and Relaxation; Expression; Overcoming Blocks to Musical Progress; What is Talent; Memorizing

How We Learn Music: The Five ways of Learning; Basic Music Terminology; Concert Pitch; Harmonics; Key Changes and the Succession of 5ths; The Art of Teaching; Ergonomics and the Musician’s Body

Music as Therapy: Service vs. Performance; Using Modes and Other Scales; The Human Voice; Improvisational Music; Beneficial Resonant Frequencies; Entrainment; Psychoneuroimmunology/Audioanalgesia; Effects of Toning and Chant; Appropriate Instruments; Acoustic vs. Electric/Electronic Music; Healing Modalities Chart; Music in Medical Settings; Clinical Deportment and Ethics; Terminology of Healthcare Music …and much more!

134 pages.


Composed in Heart


Many of Laurie Riley’s  original compositions are collected in this book. The arrangements are for intermediate and advanced-skill single-course harp and include the following music from her CD’s: Night Sky, La Tierra Roja, Sedona Light, Metamorphosis, Saguaro, The Jewel, Las Luminarias de Sedona, Planxty Duncan, Sedona Sunrise, Tune it or Die, Ande’s Heart, Judy, The Lark and the Nightingale, Farewell Mendocino.

(Laurie’s double-strung harp compositions are in “The Double Strung Harp”.)


And a great new book by Courtney Campbell:

Every harpist and musician should own this book! It is lighthearted and fun to read, but the information it contains is essential to everyone who wants to work for yourself. The Courtney Campbell Method is a unique, surprising and highly effective way to create productive work habits, achieve all your goals, and feel really good about it.

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