ALL BOOKS, CDs, and DVDs by Laurie Riley


  1. Paypal (see link with each product)
  2. or send a check by postal mail with the downloadable order form at the bottom of this page.

CDs: You can download Laurie’s music at

BOOKS: Some books are in downloadable PDF format for the same price as below, but you save postage fees. Inquire at

SHEET MUSIC: To purchase the pieces below, email Laurie: . Laurie will invoice you via PayPal.

Island Girl  –  for Celtic harp or for double strung harp (please specify when odering)
4 pages $5  –  hard copy or PDF downlaod
This is the first tune on the new CD “Infinity” (see above). It is available in three versions: Intermediate lever harp, advanced lever harp, and double-strung harp. Pleae specif when ordering.
The Music Box Waltz
 2 pages  $5  –  hard copy or PDF download
Hear it at



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  2. Hi Laurie- Will you be bringing “Harping With a Handicap” and/or “Harping With One Hand” to Somerset? Unfortunately I need both! Looking forward to your workshops! SherryLenox

    • Hi Sherry, yes I will have those books at Somerset but in limited supply, so it’s a good idea to get to my booth early! Thanks for asking!

  3. I’ve been looking for Flowers of Edinburgh, it looks like there is an upcoming double CD set that includes music from that album. When will it be available?

    • The new compilation in conjunction with my newest recording will be available in a few months. However, I may still have soem Flowers of Edinburgh CDs available. Email me at .

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