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BEAUTIFUL MUSIC FOR THE DOUBLE STRUNG HARP –  Laurie’s newest compostions, traditional Celtic, and Swedish tunes.
Including: Island Girl, Music Box Waltz, All Through the Night, Cro Kintaile, Theme from Jupiter, Josephin’s Waltz, the Parting Glass, and many more!
$15 plus shipping.
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GET MUSIC NOTATION by email for Laurie’s compositions:
Island Girl  –  for Celtic harp or for double strung harp (please specify when odering)
4 pages $5  –  hard copy or PDF downlaod
This is the first tune on the new CD “Infinity” (see above). It is available in three versions: Intermediate lever harp, advanced lever harp, and double-strung harp. Pleae specif when ordering.
The Music Box Waltz
 2 pages  $5  –  hard copy or PDF download
Hear it at
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My Life in Music

My Life in Music

By popular demand!

“I highly recommend Laurie’s book, “My Life In Music”, one of the most amazing books I have ever read….I had to slow down my reading because I didn’t want the book to end. Full of surprises, and I was laughing so hard so many times… I will just have to read it again..”  Iris Nevins

A must-read for all musicians! This life story expresses the challenges and joys of becoming a successful professional musician, from earliest childhood influences, through detours and uncertainties, and through the career that has been Laurie’s lifelong passion.

Formerly, Laurie wrote about a portion of her touring life in her books “All Roads Lead Home”  and “More Roads Lead Home”, but this complete autobiography explores all the years previous and all the years since those were written, to contain a wealth of experiences and insights.


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BMM best cover Body, Mind and Music


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(For a digital version to print yourself, please e-mail Laurie at  The price is the same but without postage costs.)

Music effects the body/mind, and the body/mind of the player affects the playing of music. Laurie discusses our cultural relationship with music, how the brain learns it, how we practice it, how we perform it, how we listen to it, how we teach it, and finally, how it is used in purposely therapeutic ways. This is a revised and updated edition (2010) incorporating the addition two of Laurie’s previous books: Nothing Less Than Your Best and The Art of Teaching. This complete guide for all musicians includes:

Music and the Brain: Music is a Language; Practice As Passion; Aural, Kinesthetic and Visual Learning; Focus and Relaxation; Expression; Overcoming Blocks to Musical Progress; What is Talent; Memorizing

How We Learn Music:The Five ways of Learning; Basic Music Terminology; Concert Pitch; Harmonics; Key Changes and the Succession of 5ths; The Art of Teaching; Ergonomics and the Musician’s Body

Music as Therapy: Service vs. Performance; Using Modes and Other Scales; The Human Voice; Improvisational Music; Beneficial Resonant Frequencies; Entrainment; Psychoneuroimmunology/Audioanalgesia; Effects of Toning and Chant; Appropriate Instruments; Acoustic vs. Electric/Electronic Music; Healing Modalities Chart; Music in Medical Settings; Clinical Deportment and Ethics; Terminology of Healthcare Music …and much more!

134 pages.


Singing the Universe Awake


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A Treatise on the amazing connections between music, science, cosmology, fractals, cymatics, and Pythagorean geometry, in language everyone can understand.

(For a digital version to print yourself, please e-mail Laurie: The price is the same but without postage costs.)



CHM best cover

Composing Healthcare Music


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This book covers what makes certain music therapeutic, elements of composition, the categories of patients for whom music is helpful, and also contains information on certification training programs. For all musicians who feel the call to use their music in therapeutic settings. The book covers what makes certain music therapeutic, elements of composition, the categories of patients for whom music is helpful, and also contains information on certification training programs.

How coverHow to Start a Music Program in Your Local Hospital or Hospice


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This book is for those who wish to bring therapeutic music into clinical settings and the process by which this is accomplished.

Cover PTH

Play the Therapy Harp


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A beginner book for small harps – includes how to hold the harp, how to tune, how to read basic music notation, plus exercises and simple tunes to learn (composed by Laurie just for this book). Includes remarks on therapeutic playing.   Play the Therapy Harp is also available in a format for the blind from the No-C-Notes Company at




Double Strung Harp book another photoThe Double-Strung Harp


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This first-ever book of arrangements for the double-strung harp was co-authored by Laurie Riley and Beth Kolle, containing intermediate and advanced-skill arrangements by each of the authors and several original pieces by Laurie. CONTENTS:The Rooftops of Langley (L. Riley) Mazurka Michel (France) Scarborough Fair (Britain) Dinny Delaney’s (Ireland) Whelan’s Jig (Ireland) Are You Sleeping, Maggie? (Scotland) Slides (Ireland) La Noche Pasa (L. Riley) Refraction (L. Riley) Greyhound (L. Riley) The Reel of Mullinavat (Ireland) Fantasy of Leyenda (Albeniz/Kollé) Noël Nouvelet in two keys (France) Masters in This Hall in two keys (France) Carol of the Bells (Poland)

Cover DSBBThe Double-strung Harp Beginner’s Book (WITH CD)


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Includes: tuning, hand position diagrams and instruction, how to read two treble clefs, bracketing, echoing, arpeggios, rolled chords, overlapping chords, cross-overs and cross-unders, scales, exercises, polyrhythms, and lots of beginner tunes. 125 pages!

Cover ACFDSHAdvanced Compositions for the Double-strung Harp


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Includes three of Laurie’s original compositions from her CD’s: Sedona Light, La Tierra Roja, and two versions of Saguaro (for solo and duet).




HArper's Manual CoverThe Harper’s Manual


Add to PAY PAL CART: The Harper’s Manual

This comprehensive manual is completely updated and expanded. Subjects include:

  • A Brief History of the Harp
  • Types of Harps, Components and Equipment
  • Overviews of techniques, methods and styles
  • Buying a Harp
  • Care of the Harp
  • Traveling with Your Harp
  • Practicing
  • Effectively Embracing Your Harp – A Lesson in Ergonomics
  • All About Hands
  • Playing Challenges and Technique Modifications
  • Structures of Music
  • Presenting Yourself and Your Music
  • If You Want To Be A Harp Teacher…and much more!

For a digital version to print yourself (the price is the same but without postage costs).please e-mail Laurie:

320[1]Anatomy of the Lever Harp – A Guide for Harp Owners


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Contents: Parts of the Harp, Round backs, Square backs, Staved backs, The Soundboard (form and function), The Neck (form and function), The Pillar (form and function), Sound Holes (form and function), String Materials, String Ribs and String Shoes, Types of Wood and Other Materials, Types of Finishes,Types of Tuning Pins, Sharping Levers (types and uses), Regulation, Bridge Pins, Bases, Legs, Stools and Stands, Maintenance… and more!

For a digital version to print yourself, please e-mail Laurie:  The price is the same but without postage costs.

Techniques for Expressive Playing book coverTechniques for Expressive Playing


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In good instrumental music there is much more going on than just the notes and the rhythm; the musician creates an image through music, letting it tell a story that affects the emotions of the listener. This is musical expression.Subjects in this book include: Making the Most of Your Skill Level Endorphins, Resonance, and Intention Tone Manipulation Expressive Imagery Expression Without Fear … and much more!
For a digital version to print yourself, please e-mail Laurie:  The price is the same but without postage costs. 



Cover YCTY

You Can Teach Yourself Lever Harp


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Instruction book, with downloadable audio of the music included so you can hear the tunes you’re learning. It differs from Laurie’s first instructional book (Basic Harp for Beginners) in three ways:

  • It assumes the reader already knows how to read music notation
  • the tunes are different
  • each tune is offered in several skill levels, to accommodate increases in your skill level as you work through the book.

This book stands on its own, or makes a good companion to Basic Harp for Beginners.

BHFB best coverBasic Harp for Beginners


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An innovative and effective new method for learning to play the harp.”If I were to re-learn the harp, I would have first bought “Basic Harp for Beginners” and worked in it from cover to cover before buying any other music. Since I cannot cry over spilt milk, I am now enjoying the book. Thank you, Laurie.” – a self-taught student


Celtic Music Book CoverCeltic Music for the Folk Harp 


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 A soul-stirring collection of 28 Celtic tunes for intermediate players,arranged in authentic traditional style.

WMFLH best coverWedding Music for the Lever Harp…with downloadable audio of the 23 tunes. Included are processionals, recessionals, interludes, and tunes suitable for receptions. Several cultures and styles are represented: Celtic, Classical, Swedish, and Jewish. All tunes are in the public domain.


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Cover CIHComposed in Heart


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Many of Laurie Riley’s  original compositions are collected in this book. The arrangements are for intermediate and advanced-skill single-course harp and include the following music from her CD’s: Night Sky, La Tierra Roja, Sedona Light, Metamorphosis, Saguaro, The Jewel, Las Luminarias de Sedona, Planxty Duncan, Sedona Sunrise, Tune it or Die, Ande’s Heart, Judy, The Lark and the Nightingale, Farewell Mendocino (Laurie’s double-strung harp compositions are in “The Double Strung Harp”.)



Play the Therapy Harp (see above) is available in a format for the blind from the No-C-Notes Company at



Harping With a Handicap


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Includes ideas for: Harping with a Tremor Harping with Double Vision Harping with Dyslexia Harping With Impaired Depth Perception Harping Without Sight Harping with Chronic Pain Harping with Arthritis Harping with Scoliosis Harping with Fewer Fingers Harping with Weak Arms Harping with One Hand Harping with a Prosthesis Harping in a Wheelchair Harping in Bed Harping with Hearing Loss Harping with Tone Deafness Harping When You Can’t Keep a Beat Harping with Memory Loss Harping with Cerebral Palsy or MSFor a digital version to print yourself, please e-mail Laurie:  The price is the same but without postage costs.

Cover HWOH

Harping With One Hand


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For those who have some experience on harp, this book offers information and ten arrangements of popular Celtic harp tunes, including Give Me Your Hand, Sidh Beag Sidh Mor, Eleanor Plunkett, Fany Poer, Chanter’s Tune, Kid on the Mountain, Morrison’s Jig, Atholl Highlanders, Glenlivet, and Carolan’s Concerto. All arrangements are complete as solos,  and adaptable for ensemble playing.

For  a digital version to print yourself, please email Laurie: The price is the same but you save postage costs. 


DVDs: (Instructional and Entertainment)

Play the Harp Today coverPlay the Harp Today


click the link below to order:

A beginner DVD with instructor Laurie Riley. A few hours spent with this  DVD will have you making beautiful music. Being a creative musician is within reach. No sheet music required!


                                                                    Beyond the Bascis DVD


Techniques that take your playing beyond predictability and into the realm of exciting!


  • Improvisation
  • Blues and slapping
  • Harmonics
  • Basic South American techniques
  • Variant Hand Positions
  • …and much more!

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Beyond the Basics cover photo


Secrets of Celtic Style DVD cover Secrets of Celtic Style


click this lnk to order:

Explains the secrets of playing in traditional Celtic styles. Includes ornamentation, rhythms, drones, intervals and much more.

DS DVD cover

Introduction to the Double Strung Harp


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The double-strung harp provides nearly unlimited possibilities in technique, style, and sound, expanding the range of application of the harp. In this video, you will explore the basic principles and techniques to get you started. (This DVD assumes you have some harp playing experience. If you have never played a harp before, you should use the Play the Harp Today video first, then move onto this one. You can start with a double-strung as your first harp) On the double-strung harp, you will enjoy the freedom of a broader range of movement for each hand, new rhythmic abilities, and being able to make one harp sound like two. PLEASE NOTE: This is the same video that you can watch on my You Tube channel.




Sedona Light coverSedona Light

Features the double-strung harp; laurie’s sparkling original compositions are complemented by Swedish, Celtic, and South American tunes in traditional styles.Contents:

  1. Sleep Soond in the Mornin’
  2. Full Rigged Ship
  3. Sollerö Långdans
  4. El 15 de Xinero
  5. Night Sky
  6. Las Luminarias de Sedona
  7. O’Carolan’s Lament
  8. Polska från Säfnäs
  9. O’Carolan’s Concerto
  10. O’Carolan’s Ramble to Cashel
  11. Variations on Leyenda
  12. Konvolusjonslaten
  13. They Stole My Wife Last Night
  14. O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music
  15. Frosty Morning
  16. Sedona Light


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World of Music coverA World of Music on the Harp

Celtic, South American, and original pieces on the double strung harp, from lively to mellow, with tasteful accompaniments.Contents:

  1. The Humors of Ballyloughlin
  2. La Noche Pasa
  3. Mrs. Stewart’s Strathspey
  4. Eleanor Plunkett
  5. The Rooftops of Langley
  6. Atholl Highlanders
  7. La Tierra Roja
  8. Judy
  9. El Parandero
  10. Ande’s Heart
  11. Kid on the Mountain
  12. Carolan’s Dream
  13. Los Tiempos Mas Buenos (Ojos Azules)
  14. Innis Sheer (Inis Siar)
  15. Drowsy Maggie
  16. Euphemia Lowe of Garvary


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Collection CD coverCollection

Laurie Riley and her former partner Michael MacBean were known as the “dynamic duo” of the harp world between 1987 and 1997.


  1. Metamorphosis
  2. Llano
  3. Farewell Mendocino
  4. Saguaro
  5. Pipe on the Hob
  6. Riding on the Quinault
  7. Monaghan’s Jazz
  8. Colorado
  9. Slides
  10. Ocotillo
  11. Suite
  12. Are You Sleeping Maggie
  13. Planxtys Drew and Wilkinson
  14. Starthrower
  15. Refraction


To order by Pay Pal, click this link:


To listen to a tune from this CD, please go to

                                       (The tune “Dinny Delaney’s” starts at 23:43 on the video.)

Glenlivet coverGlenlivet

This album of pure traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales clearly sparkles with exceptional virtuosity.Contents:

  1. Carolan’s Draught
  2. Brae Lochiel
  3. Barren Rocks of Aden
  4. Source of Spey
  5. Glenlivet
  6. The Wild Geese
  7. Kaitilin Astor
  8. Charles O’Conor
  9. Anach Cuain
  10. Fox Hunter
  11. Llydaw
  12. Roslyn Castle
  13. Tam Lin
  14. Rowing from Isla to Uist


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Simplicity CoverSimplicity

Familiar and new tunes played in a style appropriate for relaxation and for medical environments. The arrangements are simple and meditative.


  1. The Water is Wide (Trad. English)
  2. Eleanor Plunkett (Irish)
  3. Modal Improvisation Arran Boat melody (Scottish)
  4. Loch Tay Boat melody (Scottish)
  5. Be Thou My Vision (Irish)
  6. Jewish melody Einini (Irish)
  7. Brian Boru melody (Irish)
  8. Kyrie from the Mass of the Angels Ma Navu (Jewish)


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To hear a tune from this CD, go to   (The tune “Eleanor Plunkett” starts at 8:38 on the video.)


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  2. Hi Laurie- Will you be bringing “Harping With a Handicap” and/or “Harping With One Hand” to Somerset? Unfortunately I need both! Looking forward to your workshops! SherryLenox

    • Hi Sherry, yes I will have those books at Somerset but in limited supply, so it’s a good idea to get to my booth early! Thanks for asking!

  3. I’ve been looking for Flowers of Edinburgh, it looks like there is an upcoming double CD set that includes music from that album. When will it be available?

    • The new compilation in conjunction with my newest recording will be available in a few months. However, I may still have soem Flowers of Edinburgh CDs available. Email me at .

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