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Cover YCTY

You Can Teach Yourself Lever Harp


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Instruction book, with downloadable audio of the music included so you can hear the tunes you’re learning. This book stands on its own, or makes a good companion to Basic Harp for Beginners. It differs from Basic Harp for Beginners (see below) in three ways:



  • It assumes the reader already knows how to read music notation
  • the tunes are different
  • each tune is offered in several skill levels, to accommodate increases in your skill level as you work through the book.

BHFB best coverBasic Harp for Beginners


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An innovative and effective new method for learning to play the harp.”If I were to re-learn the harp, I would have first bought “Basic Harp for Beginners” and worked in it from cover to cover before buying any other music. Since I cannot cry over spilt milk, I am now enjoying the book. Thank you, Laurie.” – a self-taught student



Cover DSBBThe Double-strung Harp Beginner’s Book (WITH CD)


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Includes: tuning, hand position diagrams and instruction, how to read two treble clefs, bracketing, echoing, arpeggios, rolled chords, overlapping chords, cross-overs and cross-unders, scales, exercises, polyrhythms, and lots of beginner tunes. 125 pages!

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