Books for Special-Needs Harpers

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Play the Therapy Harp is available in a format for the blind from the No-C-Notes Company at








Harping With a Handicap


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Includes ideas for: Harping with a Tremor Harping with Double Vision Harping with Dyslexia Harping With Impaired Depth Perception Harping Without Sight Harping with Chronic Pain Harping with Arthritis Harping with Scoliosis Harping with Fewer Fingers Harping with Weak Arms Harping with One Hand Harping with a Prosthesis Harping in a Wheelchair Harping in Bed Harping with Hearing Loss Harping with Tone Deafness Harping When You Can’t Keep a Beat Harping with Memory Loss Harping with Cerebral Palsy or MSFor a digital version to print yourself, please e-mail Laurie:  The price is the same but without postage costs.

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Harping With One Hand


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For those who have some experience on harp, this book offers information and ten arrangements of popular Celtic harp tunes, including Give Me Your Hand, Sidh Beag Sidh Mor, Eleanor Plunkett, Fany Poer, Chanter’s Tune, Kid on the Mountain, Morrison’s Jig, Atholl Highlanders, Glenlivet, and Carolan’s Concerto. All arrangements are complete as solos,  and adaptable for ensemble playing.

For  a digital version to print yourself, please email Laurie: The price is the same but you save postage costs. 

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