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Body, Mind and Music


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“I just finished your book, Body, Mind and Music. Laurie, this book should be a required reading for every music education student and every therapy music program candidate. You wrote an amazing book.”  –  Melanie Sandrock, therapeutic music student

Music effects the body/mind, and the body/mind of the player affects the playing of music. Laurie discusses our cultural relationship with music, how the brain learns it, how we practice it, how we perform it, how we listen to it, how we teach it, and how it is used in purposely therapeutic ways. This complete guide for all musicians includes:

Music and the Brain: Music is a Language; Practice As Passion; Aural, Kinesthetic and Visual Learning; Focus and Relaxation; Expression; Overcoming Blocks to Musical Progress; What is Talent; Memorizing

How We Learn Music:The Five ways of Learning; Basic Music Terminology; Concert Pitch; Harmonics; Key Changes and the Succession of 5ths; The Art of Teaching; Ergonomics and the Musician’s Body

Music as Therapy: Service vs. Performance; Using Modes and Other Scales; The Human Voice; Improvisational Music; Beneficial Resonant Frequencies; Entrainment; Psychoneuroimmunology/Audioanalgesia; Effects of Toning and Chant; Appropriate Instruments; Acoustic vs. Electric/Electronic Music; Healing Modalities Chart; Music in Medical Settings; Clinical Deportment and Ethics; Terminology of Healthcare Music …and much more!

134 pages.


Singing the Universe Awake


A Treatise on the amazing connections between music, science, cosmology, fractals, cymatics, and Pythagorean geometry, in language everyone can understand.

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Composing Healthcare Music


This book covers what makes certain music therapeutic, elements of composition, the categories of patients for whom music is helpful, and also contains information on certification training programs. For all musicians who feel the call to use their music in therapeutic settings.


How cover

How to Start a Music Program in Your Local Hospital or Hospice


This book is for those who wish to bring therapeutic music into clinical settings and the process by which this is accomplished.


Play the Therapy Harp


A beginner book for small harps – includes how to hold the harp, how to tune, how to read basic music notation, plus exercises and simple tunes to learn (composed by Laurie just for this book). Includes remarks on therapeutic playing.

Play the Therapy Harp is also available in a format for the blind. Email


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