Brilliant Accompaniment

Brilliant Accompaniment For those who play or want to play accompaniment to other instrumentalists or to singing, here are some concepts to consider. There are two types of accompaniment discussed in this article: 1. When you accompany another musician, and 2. When you play a full arrangement on one instrument. On a single-line instrument (suchContinue reading “Brilliant Accompaniment”

How Do You Teach Creativity?

Those of you who are teachers have surely noticed that some students are creative learners, while others prefer to use a formulaic approach. Both ways of learning are, of course, valid, and both types present challenges and delights. Generally speaking, the formulaic learner is often someone whom we might refer to as left-brained  –  someoneContinue reading “How Do You Teach Creativity?”

All About Practice

We tend to think when we are practicing that we are not being successful if we make mistakes. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Even if you know your pieces well, mistakes can and will happen, just as they can in performance. The fact that they do occur in performance is the key elementContinue reading “All About Practice”

News from Laurie!

NEWS FLASH! I will be on a concert and teaching tour in July – please go to See NEWS FLASH! I am pleased and humbled to announce that I wil be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival in July! This is an annual international gathering of harpers. NEWS FLASH! After AugustContinue reading “News from Laurie!”

I am thankful for this honor!

April  2017           JULY 20-23 at the Sheraton Parsippany Harp pioneer Laurie Riley has been there, done that! When Laurie Riley took up lever harp in 1981 there were very few musicians playing the instrument and very few harpmakers making folk harps. Laurie Riley is this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, recognizedContinue reading “I am thankful for this honor!”