Posted by: laurie689 | April 15, 2017

It’s finally here – my new book…

My Life in Music

My Life in Music

By popular demand! Laurie’s autobiography!

A must-read for all musicians! This life story expresses the challenges and joys of becoming a successful professional musician, from earliest childhood influences, through detours and uncertainties, and through the career that has been my lifelong passion.

Formerly, I wrote about a portion of my touring life in my books “All Roads Lead Home”  and “More Roads Lead Home”, but this complete autobiography explores all the years previous and all the years since those were written, to contain a wealth of experiences and insights.

Please click on this link to order it:



  1. Hi, Laurie, and congratulations on your new book! You are a support and inspiration to me as my body is increasingly affected by limitations.

    Did you ever write that book, Chronic Illness and the Inner Environment that is mentioned on your Amazon page?


    Samantha M. White, MSW, LCSW,LICSW 4540 Bee Ridge Rd. #171 Sarasota, FL 34233-2525 (508) 207-7149 book: interview:


    • Samantha, I did write hat book years ago but never published it. I had no idea it was on my Amazon page! Thanks for mentioning it.

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