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Play the Harp Today cover

Play the Harp Today


A beginner DVD with instructor Laurie Riley. A few hours spent with this  DVD will have you making beautiful music. Being a creative musician is within reach. No sheet music required!


Beyond the Basics cover photo

                 Beyond the Basics DVD                          


Techniques that take your playing beyond predictability and into the realm of exciting!


  • Improvisation
  • Blues and slapping
  • Harmonics
  • Basic South American techniques
  • Variant Hand Positions
  • …and much more!

5 out of 5 stars Excellent Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2020 This instructional DVD is fantastic! Explanations of techniques and rhythms are accompanied by several examples, making it easier to understand. The section on improvisation was inspiring, and is a skill I hope to master. It runs 90 minutes and is jam-packed with great ideas, music, and instructions. I highly recommend it if you’ve advanced beyond the beginner level!


Secrets of Celtic Style DVD cover

Secrets of Celtic Style


Explains the secrets of playing in traditional Celtic styles. Includes ornamentation, rhythms, drones, intervals and much more.


Introduction to the Double Strung Harp

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The double-strung harp provides nearly unlimited possibilities in technique, style, and sound, expanding the range of application of the harp. In this video, you will explore the basic principles and techniques to get you started. (This DVD assumes you have some harp playing experience. If you have never played a harp before, you should use the Play the Harp Today video first, then move onto this one. You can start with a double-strung as your first harp) On the double-strung harp, you will enjoy the freedom of a broader range of movement for each hand, new rhythmic abilities, and being able to make one harp sound like two.


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