Laurie Riley’s New Website!

Thought you’d like to know about my newly reorganized website with a whole new look! Now you can easily find all kinds of interesting information about playing pain-free, about therapeutic music, about the double string harp, and see all my books as CDs. Enjoy it at:

Using Dynamics for Expression

What exactly does the word “dynamics” mean in terms of music performance?  Many people assume it means using lots of volume and gesturing, or excessive vocalizing (shouting, roaring, etc.). “He gave a very dynamic performance,” usually means it was excitingly over the top, like an Elton John concert. But that is not necessarily what theContinue reading “Using Dynamics for Expression”

Can You Learn Kinesthetically?

It sounds like some kind of game, but “kinesthetic” refers to learned movement that becomes automatic. I’ve been writing about it for years. It’s the result of consistent and focused practice; the point at which a specific sequence of movements becomes a kinesthetic habit is the point at which you can feel the effort decrease,Continue reading “Can You Learn Kinesthetically?”

Successful Recording

How lucky we are to live in a time when anyone can record! Years ago, the only way a musician could create an album for sale was to be “discovered” by a large record company, and if you signed their contract, they took charge of your life  –  even told you what music you couldContinue reading “Successful Recording”

Brilliant Accompaniment

Brilliant Accompaniment For those who play or want to play accompaniment to other instrumentalists or to singing, here are some concepts to consider. There are two types of accompaniment discussed in this article: 1. When you accompany another musician, and 2. When you play a full arrangement on one instrument. On a single-line instrument (suchContinue reading “Brilliant Accompaniment”