The Impostor Syndrome: do you think you’re not as good as they say you are?

CEO’s of large companies, stars of sports and movies, and professional musicians have something in common: a large majority suffer from something that has come to be known as The Impostor Syndrome. I knew a talented young man who graduated Summa Cum Laude from an important music school, with a major in classical guitar. HeContinue reading “The Impostor Syndrome: do you think you’re not as good as they say you are?”

Elements of a Successful Gig

Although there are many things to keep in mind in making a gig successful, we can think of it in two simple foundational aspects: logistics and delivery. Logistics is preparation and set-up. Delivery is the actual performance. They are of equal importance. Logistics: Naturally, adequate practice is ninety percent of a good performance.  If you’reContinue reading “Elements of a Successful Gig”

Why Play Music, Anyway?

Ask any number of musicians why they play music, and you’ll get a different answer from each one, ranging from, “My parents made me,” to “I can’t NOT play music  –  it’s my passion!” Assuming we want to play, what is it that drives us to pursue music? The answers are as diverse as areContinue reading “Why Play Music, Anyway?”