Music Changes the Brain

In the last twenty years or so it has come to our attention that there is researched proof that music positively affects how our neurology develops. Humans are musical beings and have always used music for entertainment, ritual, and mood enhancement. Now science is beginning to be able to tell us why it is soContinue reading “Music Changes the Brain”

Effortless Musicianship?

Have you wondered how professional musicians can play intricate passages and really fast music in a way that looks effortless and sounds smooth? How do they get their fingers to know where to go faster than they can consciously think? Or even to play slower pieces confidently? Think “learned movement that becomes habitual”. With consistentContinue reading “Effortless Musicianship?”

Secrets of the Professionals

When you hear a performance by a professional whom you admire, it’s likely that part of their allure can’t be described; something about their skills and/or in their demeanor on stage sets them apart from the average musician. Whatever that quality is, it’s not something we can learn as a technical skill, and it’s differentContinue reading “Secrets of the Professionals”

What are “Selective Skills” – Are They Helpful or Limiting?

How often have you watched someone play an instrument you play, and wondered how they are doing something that’s beyond your present ability? It’s to be expected that beginners and intermediate players will have this experience, but it happens to advanced players and professionals as well! That’s because almost no one masters all the skillsContinue reading “What are “Selective Skills” – Are They Helpful or Limiting?”