Making Your Music Compelling

We’ve all heard performances where we were awed by the music. Usually this happens when the music seemingly transcends the musician, and sometimes even the composition, when some kind of magic seems to happen. The musician may be awesomely skilled, but beyond technical prowess there is also an indescribable quality that goes far beyond theContinue reading “Making Your Music Compelling”

The Right Stuff – Part 2

This is a continuation of last week’s subject on starting and maintaining a professional music career… 9. Do the considerable office work. Although making promo materials and doing your own booking are a kind of “office work”, they’re not all there is. It’s essential to know that there is no way around doing the officeContinue reading “The Right Stuff – Part 2”

The Right Stuff: Creating and Maintaining a Professional Career

Last week I wrote about musical success, which isn’t necessarily the same as having a career in music. This week, I’d like to offer some thoughts on developing and maintaining a professional performance career. As we all know, there are basically three kinds of careers for acoustic/folk/traditional musicians; some do only one of the following,Continue reading “The Right Stuff: Creating and Maintaining a Professional Career”

What is Musical Success?

I heard an interesting comment recently by a motivational speaker. He said, “Information is not transformation”. I wanted to cheer. It was a very concise way to express a concept I’ve always tried to make sure my students know. We live in the information age, and are often under the delusion that what we knowContinue reading “What is Musical Success?”

Effective Practice, Part 2

This is a continuation of last week’s blog. Good Habit #6: Purposely Overcoming Trouble Spots “Trouble spots” are where something always goes wrong in the same part of the tune. Many musicians ignore trouble spots, thinking they’ll just go away eventually (sort of like avoiding going to the dentist for tooth pain). Usually they justContinue reading “Effective Practice, Part 2”